SoLar plug&play

There are many reasons to go small, like “maximum performance" "hustle free" and the "very low cost"

SoLar plug&play 01SoLar plug&play 02

Concept for a modular PV - System “SoLar plug&play” single household installation 600Wp / 900Wp at around 1000,- Euro (in Greece)

A small investment with a direct return through a drop in the chargeable electrical consumption, using the public grid as temporary storage during times of over production, as many meters in Greece and the UK are count in both directions (accumulating credit). SoLar Plug-Play.pdf

(Note: this is until now illegal in many countries, namely for evading taxes)

Know, how much money savings you can make, by downloading this file and fill in the necessary fields.

It couldn't be simpler!

PV_Installation evaluator.xlsx (38,9 kB)