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[2014] UK - ATH - Gardening Scotland

The creation of a representative stand for the 2014 Gardening Scotland Show, made from natural wood and spare material. The stand is a representation of a typical old style British sash window, to which the Window Balcony & Flawer Box Support sytem could be easily attached. It illustrates the...

[2013] Greece - amphibios - New Diving Center

The conversion of an extremely small run down shop, into a Diving center, complete with compressor refill station, gear storage and cleaning + repair facilities as well as an upstairs teaching area and office space.  www.amphibious.gr/   The original situation And the design...

[2011] Greece - ATH - Container conversion

The conversion of a heavily used shipping container 6 x 2.45m into a children's bedroom. The container was partitioned into two separate spaces (tool shed side approx 1.6m and bedroom side 4.4m). A new door and window where installed and the entire metal skin insulated. All interior walls and the...

[2009] Greece - Private client - Chicken shed

The conversion of a dilapidated old chicken shed into a tool shed and wood storage. The ruined shed needed building up from scratch and the interior floor was excavated for more headroom. The facade walls are made to look like the thick original walls, but are single brick and provide shelving...

[2007] Greece - AMC - Generator building

Design and construction drawings for a generator building. The building was commissioned by the Airport Company for the New Athens International Airport. Constructed by the company J&P. Constructed by the company J&P.  A concrete basement and skeleton structure above ground,...

[2005] Greece - AIA - Check In counter

[2005] Greece - AIA - Check In counter

New Check In desks for the New Athens Airport. The design brief was to use the existing desks with the fixation of the old CRT-monitors and develop a contemporary design for the new TFT flat screen monitors to be installed, with a minimum of changes.   The butterfly solution   The...

[2004] Greece - ATH - Perforated info-shelve

Concept study for a metal info-shelve, to be used during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Build from perforated stainless steel and sandblasted glass, as a single or triple unit. Can also be combined with flight information displays FIDS.   Triple unit without displays Triple unit with...

[2004] Greece - AMC - Sleeves

[2004] Greece - AMC - Sleeves

Portal monitor sleeves at the Arrival hall of the New Athens Airport. The design brief was to cover the installed scanning boxes in a way that would be architecturally  pleasing, easy to clean, safe and readily accessible for maintenance, without obstructing the passenger flow or the function...

[2003] Greece - ABB - On-Site Living Containers

[2003] Greece - ABB - On-Site Living Containers

Living containers designed for the company ABB. The design brief was to use 2 types of conventional site office containers [ A ] & [ B ] of  2.40m x 7.20m each and combine them into living spaces for two main user groups. The containers would be fully furnished in the factory, and then...

[2001] Greece - CCHM - Advertising banners

Site management and design for Clear Channel Haidemenos for the installation of all advertising in the New Athens Airport. These flagpole banners have been specially designed for this project, requiring all existing lampposts on the departure deck to be exchanged for stronger...

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