SoLar container

There must be thousands of standard shipping containers, used for storage or on building sites, standing around in the sun. Why not turn them into SoLar containers, by simply adding a metal frame, which can be easily installed and adjusted, in order to receive a number of solar panels?

The frame can be placed and removed using heavy duty luggage straps and is angled towards the sun using scaffold poles, wire bracing and a removable centre support.

The assembled system can withstand high winds, but can easily be lowered within minutes, ready for transportation, or  in case of an emergency.

The SoLar containers can be easily configured to work either off-, or on grid, and a fully equipped installation can deliver up to 2,640W peak and produce up to 18kWh per day. 

The finished installation
General layout drawing
The sheet with the power output evaluation for this 2,400 Whp installation you can find here;