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10 good reasons to get a SoLina one

-    Easy to use!                      Just two lids on either side. Pop the food in! - Done!

-    Moves in all directions!       Turn or tilt it whichever way you want, to follow the sun!

-    No buttons or switches!      No matter where you are, leave the manual at home!

-    Energy independent!           Good strong sunshine is all that matters!

-    Never hot to the touch!        Neither burns your hands, nor the forest you are in!

-    Makes good food!               Get a whole chicken, potatoes and soup in less than 3 hours!

-    A breeze to clean!              Sponge it, rinse it, mop it and watch the dirt disappear!

-    Always ON!                       It's an eerie feeling out in the winter sun, discovering, it is still on!

-    High educational value!       With the sun-dial you become a professional sun tracker!

-    Looks nice & stylish!          Honestly, have you ever seen anything like it?

10 good reasons Not to get a SoLina one

-    Comes at a price!                It is still early days and every unit is produced individually!

-    Difficult to understand!         Once the solar principle is understood, everything falls into place!

-    Feels quite heavy!               Using only low-tech materials, throws in some 25kg of weight!

-    Only manually operated!      For many this is an advantage, but will see, what comes in the future!

-    Takes too long to cook!       Slow-cookers work just the same and are quite trendy!

-    Takes up too much space!   A sunny spot facing south works just fine, but free tracking is better!

-    Seasonal effectiveness!       Follows the seasons, like we used to, at its full potential for every day!

-    Doesn't like clouds!             It has its own heat buffer, but really cloudy days mean - no solar cooking!

-    Has no Off switch!              Rotating it out of the sun will safely switch it off, but then, why waste it!

-    Not everybody's style!         A small production line, offers a lot of room for customization!

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