All our products are made to order and the final price will vary according to individual requirements.

There are many levels at which our designs can be adopted and even build as a self made solution, but we are more than happy to assist you with our design proposals, drawings and sketches, right up to an onsite installation of your favourite design. 


SoLina one

SoLina one is a mobile cooking and bread making device, which does not require any electricity or other commercial form of energy, but uses exclusively the free resource of solar energy, converted into usable heat. The unique quality of SoLina one does not lie in the concept of its operation, but...

Window balcony & flower box support

We offer two window balcony & flower box support systems, the "self-supporting" type for inward opening and sash windows and the "clip-on" type for outward opening window installation. Our support systems are handmade and custom build to your dimensions and choice of flower box they are going...
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