SoLar cooking

SoLar food

When it comes to cooking with the sun, there are just endless possibilities. From converted pizza boxes and homemade contraptions over mirror arrays and focal lenses to world aid cookers, unfolding from a single metallic sheet.

They can heat up water, cook your meals or even bake ‘German’ bread. But above all, they can also look pretty!

SoLar food 02

the SoLar ytong box-oven

This ‘do-it-yourself’ project of a beautiful "SoLar ytong box" oven adds great character to any patio or garden. It doesn’t take much to build this one, just a good plan and a few bits and pieces. SoLar ytong box

to see how it works, click here!



the SoLar pipe-oven

This is where flexibility knows no limit, making it easy to follow the trajectory of the sun. Whether it's summer or winter, if the sun is shining, it is always on. SoLina one

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