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07/09/2015 12:11

SoLar Loaf

And the winning loaf at this years Portobello Village Show was of course "SoLar powered"! On a gorgeous day, with perfect weather and a massive crowd, what better reward than 1st Prize for the sunniest loaf...
04/11/2014 10:03


Now, we almost got cooking one day after Haloween here in Edinburgh. The SoLina was out and about on the beach in the sun, getting hot nicely and atracting a lot of the pasing folks...  
03/09/2014 12:03

Our latest cooking contest

While in Greece on holiday, we decided to put our three SoLar ovens in residence to compeat against each other. Here is the unexpected result. www.youtube.com/watch?v=19amx6OBg14
03/09/2014 12:00

The latest cooking contest...

While in greece on vacation, we did a little test of our three resident SoLar ovens and put them through their paces. This is the unexpected result. www.youtube.com/watch?v=19amx6OBg14 
02/06/2014 13:20

Thanks for visiting us at Geardening Scotland

A huge Thank You to everybody who visited us at this years Gardening Scotland show. To find our SoLar gardening products, just klick the link below! Window Balcony
31/05/2014 21:04

SoLar gardening

New to our website! SoLar gardening We have added SoLar gardening to our site, where we will present our latest ideas and new inovative solutions, for everything a SoLar garden. SoLar gardening
31/05/2014 18:48

Gardening Scotland 2014

Come and see us at Gardening Scotland 2014 stand 219 from Friday 30th of May til Sunday 1st of June. We will be presenting our latest product, a simple, effectyive and unusual clip on window garden, which can be easily installed on all sash and ordenary windows. See our NEW product page for...
25/04/2014 14:40

What are we all still waiting for? Let’s get SoLar!

[No contract, no obligations and no strings attached, yet the biggest possible return] The ‘save the planet’ argument is rather stale, the ’feel good factor’ simply not enough for many people and the economics are far too complicated. But have a look at this little Excel-sheet and you might think...
03/03/2014 16:36

Want to go SoLar? Why not fall for one of those!

[join the fast lane to ruin our planet] A fashion accessory, Smart, stylish, trendy and cool are all terms to describe a new league of solar products, which claim to be an environmentally friendly back up for your run dry smart phones or out of juice tablets. But ‘Clever’!!! is by far the most...
27/02/2014 14:14

One small area for a man, but big potential for mankind!

[About the energy everybody really needs, and where to find it]   The most important question when talking about SoLar energy is for many people  “How much solar energy is actually really out there?” or asked in a more specific way “How much solar energy reaches the surface of the earth...

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