Want to go SoLar? Why not fall for one of those!

03/03/2014 16:36

[join the fast lane to ruin our planet]

A fashion accessory, Smart, stylish, trendy and cool are all terms to describe a new league of solar products, which claim to be an environmentally friendly back up for your run dry smart phones or out of juice tablets.

But ‘Clever’!!! is by far the most appropriate term for all such devices, which come with only one practical use, and this is to pull your money out of your pockets!

They are marketing experts and trendy trendsetters, with colours for fun and flirtatious combination concepts, or raunchy old style leather and Humphrey Bogart style.

But what they forget to mention, is - that they actually don’t really work.

They cannot possibly work even at the best of times, simply due to the laws of physics.

1 square meter of fully powered sunshine, has the potential to generate approximately 1,000 watt of electricity. These devices have an area of roughly 0.0015 m2 for comparison.

Which means, if one multiplies 1,000 Watt with this number, that under perfect conditions, this area has a potential to create a whopping 1.5 Watt. Unfortunately, Solar panels today come with a maximum efficiency of just about 15% and if one takes this into consideration the output goes down to 0.23 Watt.

These 0.23 Watt charging ‘power’ left for 10 hours under perfect conditions would thus create a total charge of 2.3 Watt hours (Wh).

Just to put things somewhat into perspective, a Galaxi SIII tablet needs 12.3 Wh for a single charge and the iPhone 5 takes still 9.5 Wh and all earlier models want at least 5 Wh.

So, find a spot on our planet, where you can hold this trendy gadget for a minimum of 3 days and 10 hours a day perfectly aligned to a blazing sun, and then, but only then you will have created a single charge.

SoLenium technology is not aware of any such location on our planet, and does not endorse the use of such gadgetry devices under the label of ecological, sustainable or environmentally friendly. They might be fun and stylish, but for sure they don’t help our planet.

If you want to make cool use of the solar potential, get one of those! They are more than 25 years old, but they still work.

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