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09/01/2014 12:40

The missing link

[About something, that money* has not yet discovered] A number of self-replicating spider like robots are let loose on a Russian island, equipped with the capacity to improve every new generation, so scientists can study their progressive evolution. The raw materials they need to reproduce are...
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01/01/2014 23:54

Happy New Year!

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01/01/2014 20:33

SoLenium-technology becomes official sponsor of IRN BRU

SoLenium-technology becomes official Sponsor 2014 of "IRN BRU"
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31/12/2013 21:50

1000 visitors today!

SoLenium-technology welcomes the 1000th unique visitor to our web-site today! and we wish you a Happy New Year!
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23/12/2013 20:37

Merry X-MAS

Happy X-MAS to everyone, and a Happy new Year! Rachel.Art
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19/12/2013 11:56

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

The two links below, are from the online edition of Germanys biggest  News Magazine "Der Spiegel" (unfortunately only in German) Amazing to see, how even in this respected and well known paper, slowly the idea of small solar installations, like the ones...
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11/12/2013 20:04

SoLina one finally has got a price

Finding the right suppliers was not easy, finding the right price will be the same, but we are happy to announce, that SoLina one has finally been given its retail price. For details please refer to the product section.
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11/12/2013 12:17

SoLina one finally has got a price

The price for 1 unit can be individually agreed and varies with your location. In Europe      470,- Euro In the UK   £ 400.- In the US  $  650.- Australia      675.- AUD   * Prices without VAT ** Shipping is not included.
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20/11/2013 12:34

Tasting from the forbidden fruit

[why electricity meters can(not) go backwards?] Note: Before reading this, you should watch "tasting the forbidden fruit" on youtube What you will see is an electricity meter going backwards. The setup for this was very simple. A medium...
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13/11/2013 13:32

[2004] Greece - AMC - Sleeves

Portal monitor sleeves at the Arrival hall of the New Athens Airport. The design brief was to cover the installed scanning boxes in a way that would be architecturally  pleasing, easy to clean, safe and readily accessible for maintenance, without obstructing the passenger flow or the function...
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