What are we all still waiting for? Let’s get SoLar!

25/04/2014 14:40

[No contract, no obligations and no strings attached, yet the biggest possible return]

The ‘save the planet’ argument is rather stale, the ’feel good factor’ simply not enough for many people and the economics are far too complicated.

But have a look at this little Excel-sheet and you might think again.

It is the best ‘no harm done to other people’ investment one can possibly make. A small photovoltaic set-up for self-consumption, connected to the grid with no need for batteries or binding feed-in contracts, does not only give you your money back in just a couple of years, but is also the ultimate money saver without having to compromise on living standards when it comes to the use of energy.  

It does not generate money, by pulling it out of other people’s pockets, it simply creates something for free, which you would otherwise have to pay for.

But still, far too few people realize even today, how quickly such a small PV-installation will pay for itself, even without cashing in money via a fixed feed-in tariff.

This little amortisation table demonstrates this quite graphically and can be understood by everyone.

Just download the attached Excel-file, enter your personalized system information and lean back to be surprized. It’s that fast.

After only seven years, you start to earn real savings.

If you want to know more about this and other such things, SoLenium-technology will keep you posted. Just keep on reading!