SoLina one

SoLina one

SoLina one is a mobile cooking and bread making device, which does not require any electricity or other commercial form of energy, but uses exclusively the free resource of solar energy, converted into usable heat.

The unique quality of SoLina one does not lie in the concept of its operation, but in the reorganisation of commonly used design elements, resulting in a completely new design concept.

Provided that enough sun light is available, SoLina one should produce top temperatures of up to 150Co (300Fo) and operate safely for many hours each day.

The cooking and baking capabilities of SoLina one are similar to the use of a slow cooking device, but without the need of any commercial energy.

SoLina one is very easy to assemble and maintain. Does not require any electrical parts, mechanisms or gages and is extremely easy to clean.  Once set up or installed, it can be used repeatedly on a day to day basis for years, without any maintenance other than cleaning.


The price for 1 unit can be individually agreed and varies with your location.

In Europe      470,- Euro

In the UK   £ 400.-

In the US  $  650.-

Australia      675.- AUD

  * Prices without VAT

** Shipping is not included.

For more information on the functionality and design, refer to the attached document. 

Solar oven Design Principle.pdf (2156094)