[2001-2003] Greece - AKTOR S.A. - Athens Hilton Refurbishment

Site management and detail engineering for the refurbishment of the Athens Hilton hotel. 

The 13 story tower was completely gutted and all internal walls reconstructed on a newly developed grid to create standard room- and bathroom sizes.

A new wing was added and all lower 'Back of house' levels overhauled from scratch, while the old boiler-room  was added to the underground parking.

All external spaces, the pool and gardens where reworked and many facilities added, as well as a new Spa and pool area, conference rooms and restaurants

The architectural design came from the two best known Greek architectural firms A. N. Tombazis and architects Ltd. www.tombazis.com/main_en.html together with Harry C. Bougadellis and associates architects. www.aeter.gr/ProjectsDetails.aspx?prjctMenuID=4&prjctID=96



The Lower Lobby

The ceiling design in 3D

The mainentrance area

The 3D sample drawing of the same area

The Byzantine atrium

A meeting-room

The Spa-pool inside the fitness and wellness area

(Photograph from the Internet)

The Erato ballroom doors

3D detail design drawings for the new staircase leading from the Lower  Lobby into the garden


Water cascades towards the Main entrance bei night as a 3D sketch

The massive wine-rack from steel proved to heavy and was eventually not executed.