[2003] Greece - ABB - On-Site Living Containers

12/11/2013 22:37

Living containers designed for the company ABB.

The design brief was to use 2 types of conventional site office containers [ A ] & [ B ] of  2.40m x 7.20m each and combine them into living spaces for two main user groups. The containers would be fully furnished in the factory, and then transported & assembled on site. All buildings where only single story. The standard containers where additionally clad from the outside with a thermal insulation system from Thyssen.


Type A was for Workers and Staff (single bedroom), as a Ying-Yang combination of 3 containers


The assembled combination (single unit).


The whole assembly



Type B was a key personnel (double bedroom), i.e. the entire unit was for one couple or person.


The combined unit. 

ATH 2003