the SoLar millennium

“Why do so few people adopt natural, low-tech energy concepts?” 

Their principles are proven and very well understood. However, on an everyday basis, only a very few are actually using them.

SoLenium technology endeavours to bring these concepts closer, offering practical and easy low-tech solutions, tapping into the vast energy resources provided by the sun.

SoLina one

A new type of solar oven, designed to be always switched on. Come along and experience the power of the sun! SoLina one

Experiencing the power of the sun

From a solid box oven to the tubular concept was a long way, but the amazing thing is when one goes out of the house whatever time of day, even in winter, as long as the sun is shining these things are always hot! After studying many of the designs out there, this concept seems like the natural solution to all the little flaws and impracticalities that most of them have. This drawing marks the beginning of a journey! “Are we there yet?!” Not quite, but getting close!

First ever design

ATH© 2013

SoLenium Window Balcony at Gardening Scotland

Our Product Page : Window Balcony


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01/01/2014 23:54
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The winning loaf at the 2015 Portobello Village Show is of course, "SoLar powered"